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A Safe Place For Christian Men To Heal

Why We Exist:

The Secret Habit Community exists to be a safe space for Christian men to heal from porn addiction and other unwanted sexual behaviours.

Our goal is for men to feel safe, secure and confident that they are loved, seen and cared for at all times. This is the foundation for a successful recovery from pornography and we believe in it whole heartily!

Our passion is to see men become confident, healthy and free to engage in the world around them while advancing as healthy fulfilled followers of Jesus Christ.

"The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, its connection"

Here's What You'll Get When You Join:

  1. A Safe Space To Share Your Struggles, Wins and Questions With Like-Minded Men
  2. Complimentary Recovery Navigator Call with Shawn
  3. Expert Insight from Shawn and other Moderators
  4. Free Access To "The 3 Essential Steps To Quitting Porn" Virtual Course
  5. Free Access To The "Creating a Sexual Template" Virtual Course
  6. Podcast Episode, Blog and Special Content Posted Weekly
  7. Free Access To Zoom Calls for Support, Prayer, Encouragement and Training.
  8. No Ads or Distractions When Using The Community
  9. Available on Desktop & Mobile App

You May Be Wondering:

"How is this community safe?": Each member who requests to join is screened to ensure they align with our policy and purpose. We do everything we can to set a healthy standard with community rules and core values.

"What if I'm not ready to engage in the community?": We want you to belong before you engage. This is a safe place for you to sit on the sidelines and learn if that's all you're ready for right now. With free mini-courses and weekly content, you'll get value regardless of how ready you are to engage

"How will this community help me?": The whole idea of this community is to help you wherever you're at. It offers you the opportunity to connect with like-minded men, find accountability partners, ask for prayer, learn from the free content and even get started with a coach. There's something for everyone, come see for yourself!

What Our Members Are Saying:

"Shawn’s compassion and caring made me feel safe and protected. During my time with Shawn my fears, anxiety, and childhood trauma melted away or loosened their grip enough for me to take them in and learn from them."
"Shawn’s own life experience, drive and devotion provides real and lasting healing."
"Shawn is the best coach I ever had he is a great listener and he really cares but he cared enough to tell me truth.The best part I would say is I knew I wasn’t in my fight alone anymore"
"Talking to a person that went through the addiction and that understands my struggles made it feel different than other things I have tried."


About Your Host, Shawn:

Shawn Bonneteau has been working with men as a Christian Porn Recovery Coach since 2018. The passion behind his work comes from his own experience with porn addiction that lasted over 14 years. After quitting porn back in August of 2017, he was shocked at how much better he felt in all areas of life. This was the catalyst to the beginnings of Secret Habit. Shawn sensed a deep conviction from the Lord that his life was to be a living testimony of just how good it is to get free from porn. Since then, he spends his hours coaching men, creating podcasts and speaking to different audiences to offer hope, help and healing.

Shawn is blessed to be married to Helena, who is a huge part of his healing journey. He is the father to Violet who was born in 2021 and they reside in Halifax Nova Scotia where they love to go on family adventures and enjoy the incredible coastlines.

This free private community is hosted by Secret Habit